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Beyonce & Jay Z ‘On The Run’ At The Rose Bowl

ON-THE-RUN-TOUR-beyonce jay zAmidst the sea of rumors of the couple’s rocky marriage, Beyoncé and Jay Z’s performance at the Rose Bowl (On The Run tour) managed to cleverly play on what has been said about them in the media.

The Bonnie and Clyde-themed show told an interesting narrative: footage of them robbing banks reinforced the idea that they’re still partners in crime, yet on their closing song, “Young Forever”, the crowd was given a glimpse of how they really are when out of the limelight, with intimate footage including their wedding and Bey’s pregnancy with Blue Ivy.

Despite their power couple status, playing to a mixed crowd of fans is not an easy feat – Jay Z fans are not necessarily Beyoncé fans, and vice versa. As could have been expected, though, the duo managed to pull it off: the set list of over 40 songs was planned perfectly in order to keep everyone entertained, with Beyoncé’s girl-power hit “Run the World (Girls)” succeeding Jay Z’s mouthier “Tom Ford”. Not even the unfortunate bout of rain could curb the crowd’s enthusiasm.

What was obvious was the pair’s individual charisma as artists; Queen Bey’s undeniable vocal talent and exciting choreography is on par with her husband’s ability to command a massive group of people even when just standing on stage alone, with nothing but a microphone.

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