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A Pippa Middleton Wedding is Near: Duchess Kate’s Sister is Engaged!

A Pippa Middleton wedding is on the horizon! The younger sister of Duchess Kate Middleton has announced that she is engaged to be married.

Pippa Middleton Wedding BandRumors.com

The two were spotted at Wimbledon together.

Pippa’s boyfriend James Matthews, a 40-year-old hedge fund manager, proposed to his girlfriend of nearly a year on July 17 in the Lake District of England. The couple had previously dated for a brief time in 2012. In keeping with true old-fashioned and proper ideas, James asked Pippa’s father Michael for permission before proposing.

A friend of the family said, “James is a traditionalist and very much wanted to do things properly. That meant getting his future father-in-law’s consent.”


Pippa Middleton Wedding BandRumors.com

Her Royal Hotness, coming through!

However, Michael must not have let anything slip about James asking around. Another friend said Pippa was “completely and totally surprised” by the proposal.

Pippa first caught headlines when she appeared as a bridesmaid in Kate’s wedding with Prince William back in 2011. Her figure-hugging Alexander McQueen dress earned her the nickname “Her Royal Hotness” and almost crashed Twitter.

It’s easy to be incredibly critical over whom your sibling chooses to marry, but Kate is evidently quite happy with her sister’s update. “The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are absolutely delighted with the news,” said a representative for Kensington Palace.

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