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Nick Gordon Owes Bobbi Kristina Brown’s Family $36M for Wrongful Death

Bobbi Kristina Brown Whitney Houston BandRumors.com

Last year, the only daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown passed away at the age of 22. Ever since then, her family has been seeking justice for Bobbi Kristina Brown against the man they  believe killed her, Nick Gordon. Whitney Houston and her family took Nick Gordon in when he was just 12 years old, but years later he began ...

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Kanye West Goes Above & Beyond to Make Up for Canceled Show

Kanye West Forum BandRumors.com

Let it be known that Kanye West makes amends for his mistakes. Well, more often than not, he doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong, but in this situation he’s owning up. Earlier this month, Kanye was performing at the Forum in Los Angeles when he just couldn’t go on anymore. As he was finishing up the song “Only One,” he ...

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Watch: Metallica Brings Out Inner Child in Hilarious Jimmy Fallon Segment

Metallica Jimmy Fallon BandRumors.com

Every musician had to start somewhere. For many, it all began in elementary school, when students were invited into a classroom filled with instruments and invited to try them all before selecting one and joining the school band. Even edgy metal bands like Metallica started playing simple riffs on basic instruments. On a new episode of The Tonight Show Starring ...

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Prince Harry Introduces Girlfriend Meghan Markle to Prince William

Prince Harry Meghan Markle BandRumors.com

The ultimate test of a relationship is if your significant other can survive meeting your family. The pressure gets even more intense when your family happens to be royalty. Prince Harry‘s girlfriend Meghan Markle supposedly has finally been introduced to his big brother, Prince William–how did it go? Markle had supposedly already met a couple of Prince Harry’s family members ...

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Watch: Adele Gets Dive-Bombed by a Bat Mid-Concert

Adele Bat BandRumors.com

While performing in Mexico City on Monday night, a bat somehow managed to get into the venue and give Adele quite a fright. As the bat swooped around, Adele started running around the stage letting off a stream of curses (she’s not exactly known for keeping her language family friendly). The bat landed near someone in the audience, which Adele anxiously pointed ...

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Taylor Swift is Insanely Rich Despite Everyone Hating Her

Taylor Swift Rich BandRumors.com

Despite the rather negative media attention Taylor Swift has been getting over the past year, it’s not affecting her bank account in the slightest. This past year, the pop star has gotten railed on for dumping her longtime boyfriend Calvin Harris, having a weird fling with Tom Hiddleston and being a liar about the whole Kanye West lyrics thing. However, ...

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Stagecoach 2017 Reveals Lineup: Shania Twain, Willie Nelson & More!

Shania Twain Stagecoach BandRumors.com

The Coachella of country music already has big plans for next year. Stagecoach Country Music Festival has just unveiled its lineup for the coming season, and it doesn’t disappoint. Taking place in Indio, California, at the Empire Polo Club from April 28 through April 30, 2017,  there’s plenty of acts on the Stagecoach lineup that will satisfy longtime country music ...

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Marion Cotillard Talks Racy Sex Scenes with Brad Pitt

Marion Cotillard Brad Pitt Allied BandRumors.com

Brad Pitt may have bailed on doing promotions for Allied, but his co-star Marion Cotillard hasn’t been shy about dishing on their sex scenes. Of course, sex scenes are part of the job for many successful actors, but this one is particularly scandalous since some sources have alleged that Marion Cotillard may be the reason for Brad Pitt’s divorce from Angelina ...

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Sting Remembers Paris Attacks by Helping Reopen Bataclan

Sting Bataclan Paris BandRumors.com

Just over a year ago, a terrorist attack in Paris, France, left 130 people dead. In an effort to bring some light back to the city, Sting helped to reopen the club where the cruel attacks happened. On November 13, 2015, three shooters entered the venue known as the Bataclan and opened fire on the audience. It was part of ...

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Taylor Swift Groping Photo Leaked by TMZ

Taylor Swift BandRumors.com

The quickest way to ensure a photo will make headlines? Say you don’t want it out in public! Unfortunately for Taylor Swift, the photo that was sealed by the court in her case against a man who allegedly groped her followed this principle. Taylor Swift had recently sued a DJ for groping her at a meet-and-greet. Allegedly, he slipped his ...

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