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Axl Rose Demands Fat Photos Be Removed From Internet–Now We Can’t Stop Looking At Them

If there’s one thing we learned from Beyonce‘s attempt at removing some less-than-attractive photos from the internet in 2013, it’s that it isn’t possible. In fact, saying you want something gone tends to make its reach even more widespread.

Case in point–here’s one of the ugly photos Beyonce’s publicist wanted banished. It took me one online search to find it.

Axl Rose BandRumors.com Beyonce


So why on earth is Axl Rose, frontman of Guns N’ Roses, following Beyonce’s unsuccessful lead?

The rocker recently sent Google a cease and desist letter asking that some 2010 photos of him be removed from the internet. In the photos, Rose was a tad heavier than he has ever been, either before or after the time frame in which the photo was taken.

Rose is arguing that Digital Millennium Copyright Act allows artists to limit unauthorized works, and that the photographer never got Rose to sign a release. Therefore, the photo is owned by Rose. However, Google has not responded or complied with his request as of yet.

That means the unflattering images in question is still online. Here one is in all it’s glory.

Axl Rose BandRumors.com

Maybe not his best look, but it’s certainly not atrocious.

Looking at it, we can’t help but think we’ve seen worse. Heck, Beyonce’s photos are less flattering than this one is.

However, a close cropped version of Axl Rose’s chubbier face from the photograph has become the butt of many memes, including the one below:

Axl Rose BandRumors.com

Okay, we might have laughed a little.

But let’s be honest, how many of us would have even seen these photos if Axl Rose hadn’t called attention to them? Could Rose be doing more damage to his reputation than good for asking that these photos are removed?

For anyone who can’t get enough of the Axl Rose memes (and doesn’t feel too guilty about laughing at them), READ MORE to check out the best ones:

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