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Leslie Jones’ Website Hacked, Nude Photos Released & Horrible Harassment Continues

Leslie Jones Hack BandRumors.com

Comedian Leslie Jones just can’t catch a break from the haters. But when you’ve got haters, it means you’re doing something right, so keep on rocking, girl. The most recent attack against the Ghostbusters star included a complete invasion of privacy by some hackers accessing her online accounts. The hackers obtained photos from Jones’ iCloud account, including pictures of her passport and ...

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Ariana Grande Has a New Boyfriend! But We’ve Seen Her Kissing Him Before…

Ariana Grande Mac Miller BandRumors.com

A certain “Dangerous Woman” named Ariana Grande has her sights set on a new man, and Mac Miller doesn’t seem like he’s complaining. The pop star and rapper were spotted getting hot and heavy at a restaurant recently, and this isn’t the first time they’ve been linked. Grande and Miller recorded the song “The Way” together more than three years ...

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Leonardo DiCaprio & Girlfriend Get in Car Crash–Wait, He Has a Girlfriend?

Leonardo DiCaprio Nina Agdal BandRumors.com

When we first heard that Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend Nina Agdal got in a car accident, our first question was, “Who?” Not about Leo–of course we know who he is–but who is this new girlfriend he’s towing around? Second question: “A car crash? Is one of our favorite-albeit-a-tad-crazy actors okay?” This question was easier to answer. Yes, everybody is ...

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Miranda Lambert Gets Best Proposal Ever–And a Killer Ring to Go With It

Miranda Lambert Engaged BandRumors.com

When Miranda Lambert announced she was engaged during her concert in New Jersey on Saturday, speculation went wild. Did Anderson East propose? Is she finally ready to move past ex-husband Blake Shelton? Is this a comfort engagement to make her feel better because Shelton has moved on with Gwen Stefani? Turns out the whole situation was much more lighthearted than ...

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Manager Lou Pearlman Dies in Prison at 62, NSYNC Sad Despite Major Rip-Off?

Lou Pearlman Dies NSYNC BandRumors.com

Record label mogul Lou Pearlman, who helped to make some of the most well-known boy bands around into superstar groups, has passed away in prison at the age of 62. Pearlman founded Trans Continental Records in the 1990s and the first band he ever signed would go on to be the best-selling boy band of all time: The Backstreet Boys. In ...

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Taylor Swift Donates $1M to Louisiana Flood Relief in Desperate Attempt to Prove She’s Still a Good Person

Taylor Swift Donates $1M BandRumors.com

It seems like all the negative energy everyone had pent up about Taylor Swift suddenly let loose in a flood of hatred and Snapchat videos. It’s not too surprising that other celebrities had it in for Swift–no one can be as perfect as the pop star pretends to be, and even if they were it would just be flat out ...

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Nine Inch Nails Keyboardist James Woolley Passes Away at 49, Ex-Wife Shares Touching Story

James Woolley Nine Inch Nails BandRumors.com

Former Nine Inch Nails keyboardist James Woolley has passed away at the age of 49. According to his ex-wife, he died of neck injuries that occurred when he fell off a ladder in his studio while attempting to retrieve some music supplies. Woolley didn’t receive any writing credits with Nine Inch Nails, but he performed all keyboard work for the ...

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Amber Heard Donates $7M Divorce Settlement to Charities–Is Johnny Depp Through?

Amber Heard Donates Charity Johnny Depp BandRumors.com

It appears the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard divorce drama is finally over, at least for now. After months of accusations, denials and allegations of physical abuse, the two actors have finally reached a settlement. Heard has withdrawn her claims of physical abuse in exchange for a $7 million payout. Heard will be donating the $7 million settlement to the American ...

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Paris Jackson Defends Kanye West’s Victory Over Michael Jackson with Total Class

Kanye West Michael Jackson Paris Jackson BandRumors.com

Kanye West is far from mature, but Paris Jackson just proved to be his latest supporter with an amazing amount of class. West had just surpassed Michael Jackson‘s amount of total Top 40 hits. Now in tenth place overall, West has 40 hits, beating Jackson’s 39. Naturally, people were pretty mad about this. How could the outspoken and often obnoxious rapper ...

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Fan Starts Kanye West Super Bowl Petition & People Are Actually Signing It

Kanye West Super Bowl BandRumors.com

Some people really hate Kanye West, but there are others who absolutely love his crazy antics and outspoken music. A really driven fan has started a petition to get Mr. West to play at the Super Bowl halftime show this coming year. This wan’t just a passing idea–this fan, named Brian Sporman, went all out with his goal. He went so far ...

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