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Serena Williams Shares Sweet Message for Future Baby

Serena Williams Pregnant Alexis Ohanian BandRumors.com

Once the news is public, it’s time to celebrate! Serena Williams recently revealed her pregnancy. Now, she’s not putting any filters on her excitement. Her latest Instagram post is utterly adorable. In it, she shares a message for her future child. “My Dearest Baby,” she writes. “You give me the strength I didn’t know I had. You taught me the ...

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Mary J. Blige Says Ex Spent $420K of Her Money on New Girlfriend

Mary J. Blige Divorce BandRumors.com

There’s nothing worse than a liar. Mary J. Blige is in the midst of divorcing Martin “Kendu” Isaacs, and apparently he was the king of lies during their marriage. In some court documents, Blige accuses Isaacs of shelling out loads of dough–for his girlfriend. Yep, he was seeing somebody on the side and giving her massive amounts of cash. And ...

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Serena Williams Surprises Fans with Snapchat Pregnancy Reveal

Serena Williams Pregnant BandRumors.com

It was no Beyonce Instagram pregnancy reveal, but Serena Williams‘ big news is equally exciting. The world class tennis player used Snapchat to announce that she’s expecting her first child. On Wednesday, Williams sent out a photo with the simple caption, “20 weeks.” In it, she’s sporting a yellow bathing suit and showing off a slight baby bump. She later ...

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Listen: Lady Gaga Debuts New Single ‘The Cure’ at Coachella

Lady Gaga Coachella BandRumors.com

Leave it to Lady Gaga to make a gig even bigger than we expected. When she took over for Beyonce at Coachella, we knew she wouldn’t disappoint. But the debut of her new single was the icing on the cake. Lady Gaga performed Saturday night with a 20-song set. Naturally, it was jam packed with plenty of choreography, glitz and, ...

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Katie Holmes & Jamie Foxx Go Public with Relationship Everyone Already Knew About

Katie Holmes Jamie Foxx BandRumors.com

Joke’s on you, Katie Holmes! We totally knew you were dating Jamie Foxx already. The two have just decided to “go public.” But let’s be real–they practically already were. Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx have been seeing each other since 2013. However, they’ve always kept things on the down low. Evidently, Holmes is really worried about public attention, which is ...

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Where to Stream Beyonce’s Megahit Lemonade Now

Beyonce Stream Lemonade - www.BandRumors.com

It’s been out for almost a year, but we still can’t stop streaming Beyonce’s Lemonade album. Unfortunately, it can be kind of confusing to find online. If you want to stream Beyonce on Spotify, you’ll have to skip Lemonade. When you go on Beyonce’s Spotify page, you’re greeted with a message saying, “Sorry, no Lemonade!”  Obviously, people are wanting to stream Lemonade on Spotify if the ...

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Tyga Hauled off to Police Station – False Alarm!

Tyga Arrested BandRumors.com

Uh-oh. Hasn’t Tyga ever heard of Uber? Or did he just not care about getting a DUI? The 27-year-old rapper left a club in Hollywood the other night, but didn’t make it far. He was driving his Mercedes after leaving Avenue Nightclub when he ran a stop sign. Not only that, but he didn’t have any license plates on his ...

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‘Centerfold’ Guitarist J. Geils Found Dead in His Home

J. Geils Band Dead BandRumors.com

The musician behind the J. Geils Band, John Warren Geils Jr., has passed away. The 71-year-old, professionally known as J. Geils, was found dead in his home in Massachusetts on Tuesday afternoon. Police revealed that the guitarist likely died of natural causes. J. Geils started the band way back in 1967. At the time, he was studying mechanical engineering in Massachusetts. ...

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Ed Sheeran Settles $20M Lawsuit over Song Theft

Ed Sheeran Lawsuit BandRumors.com

Even our favorite songwriters aren’t immune to screwing up. Ed Sheeran finally settled a lawsuit in which he supposedly stole someone else’s song. Sheeran’s 2014 song “Photograph” has been wildly successful. In fact, the music video has over 326 million views on YouTube. Unfortunately, according to former X Factor winner Matt Cardle, it’s not Sheeran’s song. Cardle and songwriters Thomas Leonard ...

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Jay Z Ditches Spotify – Power Play for Tidal?

Jay Z Tidal BandRumors.com

If you weren’t clear about Jay Z meaning business, you can rest assured now. The rapper just totally yanked his entire music catalog off Spotify. As fans of Jay Z know by now, he’s the main owner of Tidal, another subscription based streaming service. Tidal has been having its ups and downs. Yes, they have content that isn’t available anywhere ...

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