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Charli XCX Surprises At SXSW With Electronic Set

Charli XCX stormed onto the scene with hit single “Boom Clap,” but despite her early success, the singer is already changing up her style.


Charli XCX drops her booty and the bass at SXSW.

At 2016’s SXSW, Charli paired up with London producer SOPHIE to create a chaotic performance that was more like a DJ set than a pop show. The crowd was reportedly already a bit on the bored side before the pair even entered the stage. Crystal Castles, who held the stage before them, arrived late and gave a disappointing 20-minute set, dulling the energy.

SOPHIE managed to get a little bit of a rise out of the audience by opening with his signature “MSMSMSM.” Charli then entered, adding snippets of lyrics to SOPHIE’s beats. The two then blasted through Vroom Vroom, Charli’s most recent EP collaboration with SOPHIE, with a chaotic flurry of metallic beats and lyrical hooks.

Reviews are mixed on whether or not Charli XCX is doing the right thing by taking her new style in a more electronic direction. Some seem to think she had a better chance at success by continuing on the pop route, while others are anxiously awaiting her next album in hopes it contains more experimental tracks.

If anyone is concerned about Charli’s change in musical taste affecting her rock and roll wardrobe choices, not to worry–Charli’s edgy style doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. The artist donned a black leather two-piece outfit for her SXSW show that didn’t leave much to the imagination.

Charli XCX Sophie SXSW

Peek-a-boo: Charli XCX gets cheeky at SXSW.

So where will the artist go from here? Charli stated that her new album, which doesn’t have a release date yet, “could change the sound of pop music. It’s the album I’ve been trying to make forever. And now I’ve done it.”

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