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Harry Styles Accidentally Smashing A Directioner’s Phone Goes Viral

There’s a hilarious story going round about a One Direction fan having her phone smashed by the one and only Harry Styles during a recent One Direction gig. And it’s gone viral, naturally.

Let us explain…

Basically, during a recent 1D gig one of its front row fans (@larainbirfan200 on Twitter) passed over her iPhone for Harry to sign. As he was about to, it slipped out of his hands- OMG, NO – and the screen smashed… Security passed the broken phone back to the uber fan and the screen was damaged. EEK.

BUT WAIT, there’s more…

Harry then, she claims, pocketed her pen. UN-BE-LIEVABLE behaviour, Mr. Styles!

Harry apparently did say sorry but this fan doesn’t care because she’s been offered LOADS of cash for the item…

Amusingly, the Directioner actually seems HAPPY that this had happened because Harry had held the phone for about five minutes!

Tweeting @1DTicketHelp, a place where fans can get 1D gig tickets, she said, “I know this isn’t tickets but I’m selling my phone Harry styles broke yesterday during ‘you and i’.”

Seems like there was a happy ending to the story. Kinda.

Shoutout: @Mike_P_Williams

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