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Justin Bieber CHOKED By Post Malone

Beliebers were up in arms earlier this week when a photo surfaced of rapper Post Malone choking Justin Bieber.

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Justin Bieber used Post Malone as a human ashtray at a club.

Malone is currently on tour with Bieber, but some recent events have suggested the two aren’t getting along. On Monday, Bieber was caught putting out his cigarette on Malone’s arm.

Malone didn’t seem to upset at the time, but the rapper was shortly after spotted grabbing Bieber by the throat at Che nightclub in Houston. Bieber looks less than amused in the pic:

Justin Bieber Post Malone BandRumors.com

Malone retaliated against Bieber by grabbing his throat.

Perhaps to avoid the wrath of teenage girls, Malone jumped on Twitter to clarify the situation.

Even if the choke was serious, Bieber doesn’t seem to be taking it too seriously. He posted a quick photo on Instagram with Malone.

Backstreets back A photo posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

Looks like a bit of horse-play that got blown out of proportion, but there might be more to the story.

A source at the nightclub said that “Justin was clearly messing with [Malone] all night, trying to mess him up during the performance, clowning him through the night. Post got sick of it. He turned around and grabbed his neck and told him to f– off.”

The two have been touring the United States together since early March and will continue through July. If they are already going crazy spending so much time together, they will have a hard time keeping tempers in check for the rest of the tour.

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