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Lady Gaga Keeps Creativity Alive by Buying Frank Zappa’s Hollywood Home

On The Howard Stern Show earlier this week, Lady Gaga of course spoke about her new album, Joanne, which is all the rage,  but she also delved into some less-discussed details about her personal life.

One of the most interesting tidbits that came out was that she recently purchased Frank Zappa‘s old home in the Hollywood Hills. For those young ‘uns who aren’t familiar with Zappa, his style seems totally like something Lady Gaga would find influential. He was immensely experimental and genre-bending and a proficient instrumentalist to boot.


Lady Gaga clearly plans to honor his eclectic style by keeping his home’s two recording studios as intact as possible.

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“The house is very special and magical,” Lady Gaga said. “[Frank Zappa’s] studio is in it, and I get to keep the [sound] board! You should have seen me while I was looking at the house.”

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Lady Gaga is following in Frank Zappa’s experimental footsteps.

It’s not like Lady Gaga to listen to rules: “The realtors would be like, ‘No pictures!’ and I’m in there photographing the compressors…It’s mystical to me that the music he made travelled through this board.”

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