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Obama Beatboxes With Vietnamese Queen Of Hip Hop

While attending a town hall in Ho Chi Minh today, President Obama had a chance to display a little-known skill of his: beatboxing.

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President Obama showed off a new skill set today.

During a Q&A session, Suboi, who is known as the Queen of Hip Hop in Vietnam, asked President Obama about the importance of nations supporting the fine arts. Before answering Obama wanted some proof of her title.

“Why don’t you give me a little rap. Let’s see what you go. Do you need a beat?” President Obama asked before launching into his beatboxing. Unfortunately, he only gave us about a one second snippet, which makes it hard to judge if he’s a secret beat box champion in disguise.


Suboi rapped a few lines in Vietnamese, which got the crowd clapping along. Afterwards, she explained what the verse meant.

“I was just talking about some people having a lot of money, having big houses. But actually, are they really happy?” She said.

“…People look at us and see different things, they assume a lot of stereotypes. Like me, an Asian rapper. For Vietnamese people, it’s different. They think rapping is not for women,” Suboi concluded.

Read more to check out Obama’s insightful response:

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