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Kanye West Blames Apple & Tidal for Screwing Up His Music

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A while back, Drake came out with a new song called “Pop Style,” which had a few lines from Kanye West and Jay Z (also known as the Throne). However, when it was officially released, Kanye and Jay Z’s verses were nowhere to be found. What happened?   Kanye West came clean about the whole situation at his latest stop ...

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Kanye West Says Apple Music & Tidal ‘Beef’ is Ruining Music Industry

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Has Kanye West ever been shy about expressing his opinions? Doubt it. His latest gripe is with the state of competing music streaming services, such as Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music. According to Kanye, there’s no reason for all of these services to exist separately. In fact, many artists choose to release their music on just one service or another, ...

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Ouch! Taylor Swift Faceplants In New Apple Music Ad

Taylor Swift shows off her rap skills in a new Apple Music ad, but unfortunately it seems the pop star isn’t the greatest at multitasking. She gets so into the Drake song she’s spitting that she falls off her treadmill. Swift’s pairing with Apple for the ad, appropriately titled “Taylor vs. Treadmill,” comes in the wake of a rather tumultuous ...

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Spotify Hits 30 Million Subscribers, Remains #1 in Streaming


Spotify CEO Daniel Ek announced an exciting new milestone for the streaming service this Monday. Ek stated¬†via Twitter that Spotify had reached the 30 million subscriber mark. This is a 10 million subscriber increase since last June. We have 30 million @Spotify subscribers, but none of them are in Cuba … yet. So cool to see Cuba opening up! https://t.co/nZa67f0l8U ...

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Apple’s dispute with Taylor Swift was actually great publicity for Apple Music

We have to admit, we haven’t been following the Taylor Swift/Apple news that closely. Not because it’s not interesting, it’s just because we weren’t that interested. However, streaming is a hot topic and anything Taylor Swift does is worth taking note, particularly as it relates to the business of music. Having said that, if you’re not an industry wonk, here’s ...

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