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Is Kanye West Finally Fed Up with Donald Trump?

Kanye West Donald Trump BandRumors.com

Was the inauguration snub enough to turn Kanye West way from supporting Donald Trump? It’s looking that way. Despite fan backlash Kanye West has been really vocal about supporting the new president. He even met with Trump at Trump Tower back in December. When questioned about what they discussed, Kanye posted a series of tweets explaining. One said, “I wanted ...

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Bruce Springsteen Tribute Band Bails on Inauguration

B-Street Band Bruce Springsteen Inauguration BandRumors.com

With the presidential inauguration just days away, tempers are heating up across the nation. Donald Trump is about to get sworn in and many are rallying both for and against him. Adding their voices those in opposition are the Bruce Springsteen tribute group the B-Street Band. Well, they aren’t so much in opposition to Trump as they are in opposition ...

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