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Why the Heck is Bono One of Glamour’s ‘Women of the Year?’

Bono Glamour Women of the Year BandRumors.com

Every year, Glamour magazine releases their list of “Women of the Year.” It’s meant as a celebration of all the awesome things that some stellar female role models have achieved over the past year. So why exactly did Bono make the cut? No, Bono is not in any way a female. Yet somehow he’s been named Glamour’s first male “Woman ...

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Jimmy Fallon ‘Covers’ U2 In Honor Of Injured Bono

Jimmy Fallon and The Roots cover U2’s “Desire” after U2 cancels residency due to cycling injury sustained by Bono in Central Park. Jimmy Fallon is probably the most passionate non-musician musician out there. Fallon can sing and play guitar, to a degree, and it’s usually his most adequate performances that are the most endearing because his impressions are so brilliant. ...

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Poll: Is Justin Bieber Is A Bigger Rock Star Than U2? (15 Photos)

  Take our Poll at the end of the slideshow and tell us who you think is the bigger rockstar.

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