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Does Chris Brown Actually Think Documentary Will Make People Like Him?

Chris Brown Documentary BandRumors.com

We can’t be the only ones who scowl a little bit when we hear Chris Brown‘s name. We tried to give him the benefit of the doubt, but his repeated run-ins with the law and poor treatment of women have left a negative impression. But what if Chris Brown had a chance to really tell his side of the story? ...

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Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ Sculpture for Sale? Taylor Swift Will Probably Buy It & Burn It

Kanye West Famous For Sale BandRumors.com

Ever since Kanye West premiered his video for “Famous,” we’ve been wondering how the heck he created all those naked celebrities. Were they digital? Lookalikes? Some sort of sculpture? Turns out it was a giant sculpture, and it’s now up for grabs for the measly price tag of $4 million. For those of you who missed the video or chose ...

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Liar, Liar? Texts Show Chris Brown’s Accuser Made Up Gun Story: ‘I’m Going to Set His A** Up’

Chris Brown Baylee Curran BandRumors.com

UPDATE: Baylee Curran, the woman that accused Chris Brown of holding a gun to her head, may have been lying about the whole situation. Some text message evidence as well as statements by Curran’s friends all throw the former beauty queen under the bus. A “friend” of Curran’s named Christian Bonilla (we’re putting “friend” in quotes because we’re not sure ...

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WTF? Chris Brown Released on Bail After Holding Gun to Woman’s Head

Chris Brown Gun BandRumors.com

Can Chris Brown just go away for a while, please? And by “go away,” we mean “get locked up in jail for continuously breaking the law.” The singer has just been accused of threatening a woman with a gun from inside his home. He refused to cooperate with police. Now somehow, he’s already out of lock-up on bail. Here’s what went ...

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Listen to Sia’s Rejected #1 Hit Song & 12 Chart-Toppers Meant for Other Artists

Sia Rejected Songs BandRumors.com

Nobody can predict the future, but that’s exactly why artists like Sia can wind up getting a number one hit in a wildly unforeseen way. We buy expensive things that we grow to hate a year later, we waste time fretting over things that never happen and we pass on opportunities that would have turned into a goldmine. Even celebrities sometimes ...

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Kanye West’s New Music Video Has Naked Taylor Swift, Donald Trump In Bed Together

Kanye West BandRumors.com

It seems artists these days like to test the limits on how far they can go before somebody takes legal action, but Kanye West is literally asking for a lawsuit. Yes, literally. West’s music video for the song “Famous” is scheduled to make its broadcast debut tonight, but some lucky people who got tickets to the L.A. Forum on Friday ...

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Chris Brown Sued for Punching His Manager in the Throat

Chris Brown BandRumors.com

Let’s all just agree that Chris Brown is an awful person. Okay? Okay. Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s get into the details. Brown’s former manager Mike G (whose real name is Michael Guirguis) has filed a lawsuit against the rapper about an incident that occurred on May 10, 2016. The lawsuit states that Brown physically attacked Mike G ...

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Chris Brown Booted From Private Plane For Attempted Hotboxing

Chris Brown BandRumors.com

Though chartering a private jet may have its perks, that doesn’t mean you can get away with whatever you want. We’re lookin’ at you, Chris Brown! Police were called to Signature Aviation at the Miami International Airport after a pilot reported a complaint. According to the pilot, he smelled pot throughout the cabin. He had previously warned Brown and his crew ...

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Chris Brown Allegedly Hits Model In Face During Las Vegas Altercation, ET Online Reports

ET Online has reported that Chris Brown is a suspect in a battery investigation after an assault occurred at the Palms Hotel in Las Vegas on Saturday, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department confirmed to ET. The alleged victim, Liziane Gutierrez, claims the 26-year-old singer punched her in the face at a private after party held in his suites. According ...

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Pitbull’s Rise From Unknown Rapper to Miami Mogul

Even if you don’t think you’re a Pitbull fan chances are that you’ve either danced to one of his songs or seen him in a Bud Light, Kodak or Dr. Pepper commercial. He’s sold more than 5 million albums worldwide and generated over 5 billion YouTube views. To be even more precise, he’s had nine top 10 singles including 2011’s #1 hit “Give ...

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