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Naked Katy Perry Encourages People to Vote – With Clothes On

Katy Perry Funny or Die Voting BandRumors.com

As Katy Perry demonstrates, voting is easy! As long as you’re wearing clothes, that is. In a hilarious Funny or Die video, Katy Perry sets out to show voters you don’t need to look like anything special to hit the polls. Worried about bumping into someone you know there? Doesn’t matter. Afraid you’ll meet the love of your life and ...

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Funny Or Die’s ‘Transgender Bathroom Song’ Gets Serious About Toilet Time

Funny Or Die BandRumors.com

When it comes down to the nitty gritty, Funny or Die doesn’t shy away from getting into the grotesque details. In one of their latest videos, “The Transgender Bathroom Song – When I Unzip My Fly,” the internet team’s talented musicians get down to business by discussing what the real issues are behind bathroom separation laws. Don’t take our word for ...

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