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Burn Alert: Halsey Calls Iggy Azalea a “F***ing Moron”

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Poor Iggy Azalea can’t catch a break. Maybe she’s getting what she deserves. On the other hand, maybe she’s just become a scapegoat for everyone to pick feuds with. The latest person to send a bashing her way is Halsey. Halsey just released a new album called¬†hopeless fountain kingdom. Oddly enough, Halsey–who is bisexual–included Migos on the album. This caused ...

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Jared Leto Gets Handsy With Halsey At Coachella

Joker actor Jared Leto was spotted getting a bit frisky with singer Halsey at Coachella this past weekend. In one pic, Leto is shown playfully pulling Halsey by the neck while she smiles. They were spotted later looking quite cosy. Leto was snapped standing close behind Halsey while the pair listened to music from behind a stand. Leto, 44, must ...

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