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Kanye West Dead at 39, Murdered by His Own Ego

Kanye West Kim Kardashian Dead BandRumors.com

The most insane rapper of all time has been killed at just 39 years old. Kanye West was performing at a show in San Jose, California, when his ego rose up out of his body and held him hostage on his floating stage of superiority. Fans watched in horror as Kanye’s ego, personified as the devil himself, made Kanye West ...

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Twitter Reacts To Hillary Clinton’s Historic Win For Women

Hillary Clinton just made history! In the first time in our nations two hundred and forty year history, the Presumptive Democratic nominee of a major political party is a woman. Hillary Clinton shared a personal note during her celebratory primary election evening by saying she wished her mother could have seen her become the Democratic party nominee. Twitter also reacted ...

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