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Watch: Ryan Reynolds & Jake Gyllenhaal Give Goofiest Interview Ever

Ryan Reynolds Jake Gyllenhaal Life BandRumors.com

What do you expect when interviewing the actor who plays Deadpool? Crude jokes, of course! Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal recently did an interview for their new movie Life. However, it quickly became “a useless interview,” according to Reynolds. In the midst of a press junket, the two stars received a question about the use of one-shots in the movie. “I ...

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Tom Hiddleston Wears Ugly Shoes to Distract from Taylor Swift Drama

Tom Hiddleston Gucci BandRumors.com

He may have lost out on an Armani modeling contract thanks to his relationship with Taylor Swift, but now that Tom Hiddleston is back on the singles list, Gucci has snapped him up for their latest ads. He may look pretty stunning in the campaign, but there are two things that are majorly distracting from the British thespians good looks: ...

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Taylor Swift Dumps Disfigured Calvin Harris After Horrific Car Accident?!

Taylor Swift Calvin Harris BandRumors.com

Just kidding! Calvin Harris is fine after his car accident late last month, despite his original injuries being a tad more severe than reported. His ear looks a little puffy, but he’s nowhere near Sloth status. But on a serious note, Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris did indeed end their relationship. Though we can’t say we are surprised (we totally called it ...

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