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Mariah Carey Gets Revenge in ‘I Don’t’ Music Video

Mariah Carey I Don't Music Video BandRumors.com

Well, she’s not exactly known for her subtlety. Mariah Carey knows that when you want something done, it’s go big or go home. Her latest music video is the ultimate breakup song. “I Don’t” was inspired by Carey’s split from James Packer, the Australian billionaire. Since she split with him, she’s since moved on and is now dating her backup ...

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Mariah Carey’s Split with James Packer will Cost $50M

Mariah Carey James Packer BandRumors.com

Break-ups are almost always messy, but very few get to $50 million in damages worth of messy. Unfortunately for Mariah Carey, it’s sounding like her split with fianc√© James Packer was pretty nasty–$50 million worth of nasty. According to TMZ, there are several factors that are contributing to the hefty price Mariah Carey is putting on their split. For starters, ...

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Mariah Carey Made Friends Dress As Mariah Carey For Birthday Bash

Mariah Carey BandRumors.com

Birthdays are for celebrating yourself, right? That must be why Mariah Carey required all guests to dress as versions of her at her most recent birthday bash. When you’ve got enough famous looks to make a themed party surrounding those styles, you might as well capitalize on it. Carey was staying at an Airbnb in Lake Como, Italy, where she ...

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