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Kanye West Threatens to Break Exclusivity Deal with Tidal

Kanye West Tidal BandRumors.com

Is Kanye West’s feud with Tidal escalating? It’s looking like that could be the case. The rapper’s previous releases have been exclusive to Jay Z’s platform, but that probably won’t happen again in the future. Apparently, Tidal owes Kanye’s team money for marketing efforts, video production, and subscriber bonuses for The Life of Pablo. Thanks to West’s most recent album, Tidal ...

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Where to Stream Beyonce’s Megahit Lemonade Now

Beyonce Stream Lemonade - www.BandRumors.com

It’s been out for almost a year, but we still can’t stop streaming Beyonce’s Lemonade album. Unfortunately, it can be kind of confusing to find online. If you want to stream Beyonce on Spotify, you’ll have to skip Lemonade. When you go on Beyonce’s Spotify page, you’re greeted with a message saying, “Sorry, no Lemonade!”  Obviously, people are wanting to stream Lemonade on Spotify if the ...

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Jay Z Ditches Spotify – Power Play for Tidal?

Jay Z Tidal BandRumors.com

If you weren’t clear about Jay Z meaning business, you can rest assured now. The rapper just totally yanked his entire music catalog off Spotify. As fans of Jay Z know by now, he’s the main owner of Tidal, another subscription based streaming service. Tidal has been having its ups and downs. Yes, they have content that isn’t available anywhere ...

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Kanye West’s ‘Life of Pablo’ 1st Album to Go Platinum from Streams Alone

Kanye West Life of Pablo Platinum BandRumors.com

Just after Kanye West’s album The Life of Pablo vanished from Spotify, it hit a major success. It just became the first album to go platinum with streams alone. It’s been out for over a year, but The Life of Pablo hasn’t slowed down at all. So far, fans have streamed it over 3 billion times across the world. In the United States, ...

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Kanye West’s ‘Life of Pablo’ Vanishes from Spotify – War with Tidal to Blame?

Life of Pablo Kanye West www.BandRumors.com

We get it–sometimes artists want their music to only be available in certain ways. But shouldn’t they tell people trying to enjoy their music what’s going on? Kanye West‘s hit album The Life of Pablo mysteriously went missing from Spotify this week. Fans looking for the album ended up having a whole lot of technical difficulties. When they’d search for it ...

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Sprint Buys Stake in Jay Z’s Failing Streaming Service Tidal for $200M

Sprint Tidal Jay Z BandRumors.com

Jay Z‘s music streaming service Tidal isn’t the most popular one out there, but it’s finally found a business backer. Sprint has just revealed that they’d be taking over a third of Tidal. Hopefully Sprint has some sort of plan on what to do with Tidal, because they bought it for a hefty price tag. Despite only being two years ...

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Kanye West Blames Apple & Tidal for Screwing Up His Music

Kanye West Drake Jay Z Tidal Apple BandRumors.com

A while back, Drake came out with a new song called “Pop Style,” which had a few lines from Kanye West and Jay Z (also known as the Throne). However, when it was officially released, Kanye and Jay Z’s verses were nowhere to be found. What happened?   Kanye West came clean about the whole situation at his latest stop ...

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Kanye West Says Apple Music & Tidal ‘Beef’ is Ruining Music Industry

Kanye West Apple Tidal BandRumors.com

Has Kanye West ever been shy about expressing his opinions? Doubt it. His latest gripe is with the state of competing music streaming services, such as Spotify, Tidal and Apple Music. According to Kanye, there’s no reason for all of these services to exist separately. In fact, many artists choose to release their music on just one service or another, ...

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Jay Z To Have Album Response To Beyonce’s ‘Lemonade’ Cheating Blame

Beyonce Jay Z BandRumors.com

There’s no argument like a public argument. And goodness knows Jay Z and Beyonce have had their dirt aired a lot lately thanks to Bey’s new album Lemonade. Though we still stand by the idea that the whole thing is a publicity stunt (read more below), we can’t help but chuckle as it unfolds. The latest news is that Jay Z ...

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Beyonce & Jay Z Romantic Date Proves ‘Lemonade’ Scandal Was Publicity Stunt

Beyonce Jay Z BandRumors.com

After much ado about Jay Z cheating, the identity of “Becky with the good hair” and ditched wedding rings, it seems Beyonce and Jay Z are on good terms after all. Surprise, surprise. With artists as big as Beyonce, scandalous eruptions and allegations are all part of the business plan. Beyonce’s launch of Lemonade may have seemed to point accusing fingers ...

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