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Prince’s Sister Believes He Predicted His Own Death with Riddle

Prince Tyka Nelson BandRumors.com

It takes a long time to recover from losing a loved one, if recovery happens at all. Fans mourned Prince‘s death last year, but his family took it even harder. Prince’s sister Tyka Nelson is participated in an interview for ABC for their program¬†People Icons: Gone Too Soon. In the interview, she confesses that she believed the pop icon predicted ...

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Prince’s Family Grubbing for More Money by Selling Off Real Estate

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Though Prince‘s family is still squabbling over who gets what, they have agreed to sell off his real estate. Prince never made a will despite having an estimated $300 million in assets, creating strife amongst his siblings in determining how to divvy up the funds. However, his sister Tyka Nelson has been named executor of the estate and has been ...

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