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Vinyl Makes Its Annual Comeback for Record Store Day

As vinyl sales continue to hit new heights year after year, it’s shouldn’t be a surprise that Record Store Day is growing alongside it. Still, it’s hard not to marvel at the success of what was once a niche event but is today a national phenomenon. Besides being a reminder to head to the nation’s treasured music dispensaries, Record Store ...

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Jimmy Fallon ‘Covers’ U2 In Honor Of Injured Bono

Jimmy Fallon and The Roots cover U2’s “Desire” after U2 cancels residency due to cycling injury sustained by Bono in Central Park. Jimmy Fallon is probably the most passionate non-musician musician out there. Fallon can sing and play guitar, to a degree, and it’s usually his most adequate performances that are the most endearing because his impressions are so brilliant. ...

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Poll: Is Justin Bieber Is A Bigger Rock Star Than U2? (15 Photos)

  Take our Poll at the end of the slideshow and tell us who you think is the bigger rockstar.

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Bono Apologizes For U2’s Tone Deaf iCloud “Gift”

Cutting through the noise in today’s music industry is trickier than ever. Just ask U2. “Songs of Innocence,” U2’s latest album, was supposed the be the music promo slam dunk of the year. This wasn’t going to be a free iTunes download – Apple would go a step further. The album would automatically get added to your iTunes library AND ...

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Thom Yorke’s ‘Modern Boxes’ Hits One Million Downloads On BitTorrent

Submitting his entry for Most Unexpected Release Strategy of the Year, Thom Yorke of Radiohead has elected to distribute his latest solo effort, Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes, via BitTorrent. In a somewhat unusual letter, which you can read on the next page, Yorke and producer Nigel Godrich announced the album and a new torrenting innovation called paygates, which essentially ask users ...

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U2 Plays Second Fiddle to Apple Watch; Announces Free Album

For most people watching Apple’s September 9 broadcast, the big stories were the Apple Watch, the iPhone 6, and iOS 8. But for many music fans, your parents in particular, only one thing mattered: the debut of new music by rock legends U2. Not only did U2 perform new single “The Miracle (of Joey Ramone),” but they dropped an entire ...

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