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‘Madonna Spanked My Daughter’ Teenage Girl Exposed During Concert

Madonna exposes teenager Josephine Georgiou

For a teenage girl, being brought onstage at a Madonna concert could be the ultimate dream come true. Unless, of course, the pop superstar proceeds to pull your shirt down and expose you to the entire audience. Madonna picked 17-year-old Josephine Georgiou out of the audience and brought her on stage at a recent concert in Brisbane. The performer took a look at Georgiou and ...

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Selena Gomez Flashes Underwear TWICE While In Paris

Getting out of cars can be tricky business when wearing short skirts, which may explain why starlet Selena Gomez had not one, but two wardrobe malfunctions in the midst of Paris Fashion Week. In keeping with typical Paris Fashion Week street style, Gomez opted for some daring looks for her fun-filled days. Her first malfunctioning look, which featured a lace-up black bodysuit ...

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