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Taylor Swift Hits Back at the Media with New Album ‘Reputation’

She may have been fairly silent lately, but Taylor Swift has been plotting behind the scenes. The pop star just announced that she’s got a new album on the way.

Rumors started swirling that something was in the works a couple days ago. At that time, Taylor Swift wiped her social media presence clean. Instead of the slew of posts that were previously there, she just posted a video of a snake.

Of course, people saw this as a reference to the fact that she herself was being called a snake after Kim Kardashian posted a clip on Snapchat showing Swift assenting to those scandalous Kanye West lyrics. In fact, fans correctly guessed that this meant a new album was coming–and that she’d be striking back at Kim and Kanye.

Now it’s confirmed that the new album, titled Reputation, is indeed on the way. Swift has been posting about it on Instagram.

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In case the message isn’t clear, it looks like she’ll be hitting back at the media and all the speculation about her reputation that floats around. Clearly her marketing team is working for her–she’s spinning the negative press from the past year in her favor.

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For those of you die-hard fans out there, fear not. The wait for the album isn’t that bad. Reputation is due to land in stores and online on November 10, 2017. However, the first single will be hitting the airwaves Thursday night.

Stay tuned for the new single.

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