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‘The Voice’ Semi-Final Results Revealed Tonight! Get Caught Up HERE

Reality singing competition The Voice is starting to look a lot like The Hunger Games, with eight contestants duking it out in the semi-finals for the remaining four spots.

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Duets took center stage at the semi-finals of ‘The Voice.’


Last night, the remaining singers performed solo and were also matched up with another contender for a duet. Though the duets were something to behold and it was interesting to see how the artists meshed together, the solos were what really set each performer apart.

Let’s take a look at the competitors’ solo performances:

    • Shalyah Fearing (Team Adam Levine) sang a cover of Jennifer Hudson’s “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going.” Pharrell Williams said the performance was “so sweet and tender in certain places.”


    • Paxton Ingram (Team Blake Shelton) wowed with Meatloaf’s “I’d Do Anything For Love,” prompting Christina Aguilera to say the performance “packed a punch.”
    • Laith Al-Saadi (Team Adam Levine) sang Adele’s “One and Only.” Levine said he was glad to see Al-Saadi always staying true to who he is.
    • Alison Porter (Team Christina Aguilera) rocked out with “Desperado” by The Eagles. Adam Levine praised her by saying, “You really can do everything.”


  • Adam Wakefield took a page out of team leader Blake Shelton’s book by singing “I’m Sorry.” Pharrell enjoyed the vocal runs, which he said were “super clean.”
Read more to see the closing three:

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