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UPDATE: Bruce Springsteen Performs with College Student Who Ends Up Being AMAZING

UPDATE: Just two days after breaking his record for longest U.S. concert, Bruce Springsteen managed to wow us again–this time, with the help of a fan.

The Boss spotted a young man in the audience in Philadelphia on Friday night holding a sign saying he wanted to play “No Surrender” with Springsteen, and Springsteen obliged. The man, a Texas A&M student named Matthew Aucoin, ended up blowing everybody’s minds.


Aucoin better have a bright future ahead of him (which he probably does), otherwise it’s safe to say he’s peaked. You can’t really top singing live with Bruce Springsteen.

Some musicians have their moment of glory, and then they fade away. Bruce Springsteen has done the exact opposite. He’s had moments where it seemed he couldn’t possibly become any more epic than he already is, but then he proves us all wrong by continuing to gain steam in the coolest ways.

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The Boss keeps rocking.

On Wednesday night, Springsteen and the E Street Band broke their previous record for longest show in the United States. Their performance in South Philadelphia lasted over four jam-packed hours.

Bob Vetrone, Jr., a sports statistician for the Philadelphia Daily News, timed the show to be four hours, three minutes and 46 seconds. He seems to be on a total roll, because this is actually the third time on this tour alone that he’s broken his previous record.

Springsteen and the E Street band crammed 34 songs into that time frame, ranging from  “New York City Serenade” complete with accompanying strings to a seven song encore ending with “Bobby Jean.”


However, this still isn’t Springsteen’s longest show in the world. That title goes to his performance in Helsinki, Finland, in 2012, where he played for four hours, six minutes.

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