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WTF? Chris Brown Released on Bail After Holding Gun to Woman’s Head

Can Chris Brown just go away for a while, please? And by “go away,” we mean “get locked up in jail for continuously breaking the law.” The singer has just been accused of threatening a woman with a gun from inside his home. He refused to cooperate with police. Now somehow, he’s already out of lock-up on bail.

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Here’s what went down in this exasperating story:

The Los Angeles Police Department received a phone call around 3:00 in the morning from someone reporting that Chris Brown had been threatening a woman at his home. Several patrol cars were sent to his house, but that’s when things got even uglier.

Rather than cooperating, Brown stayed cooped up in his house posting tirades against the police on Instagram. In one video, he raged, “Every three months, y’all come up with something, bro. What is it? What’s going to be next? At the same time, when I call the police for stalker people, they don’t come until the next day.”

Brown’s friend Ray J also posted a video on Instagram voicing his support for his pal:

Real friends!!!!! The world will see!!! TRUST ME

A video posted by 1 YOU ❤️ 2 HATE (@chrisbrownofficial) on

So what happened to spark this altercation? The woman who was threatened by Brown, 24-year-old beauty queen Baylee Curran, was in Brown’s kitchen admiring some jewelry that was on sale. In an interview with E! News, she said, “I admired this one piece, a diamond cross necklace. I did not pick it up, I did not touch it, take it or grab it, anything of that sort.”

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Baylee Curran is a former Miss California.

However, one of Brown’s friends started telling her not to touch anything. “[The friend] was calling me names and that’s when Chris Brown kind of went off, pulled out a gun and said, ‘Get the f*** out.'”

Brown’s temper kept escalating. Curran added, “He was saying, ‘Get the f*** out! Haven’t I told you guys enough?’ And kind of threatening me with the gun like if I didn’t get out he’s going to shoot me with it.”

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