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Aaron Carter Arrested for DUI, Possession

One of the many problems of being a teen star is that when you get arrested as an adult, everyone hears about it! Let’s be honest–no one really gives a hoot about Aaron Carter these days. But as soon as his name pops up in relation to illegal activity, our curiosity is sparked once more.

Aaron Carter and his girlfriend Madison Parker were both arrested over the weekend in Cornelia, Georgia. The two were cruising around in the early evening when police pulled them over and immediately took them into custody.

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Aaron Carter and Madison Parker.

Both Carter and Parker were hit with several misdemeanor charges. Carter was charged with a DUI and possession of marijuana and drug paraphernalia. Parker, on the other hand, was charged with possession, paraphernalia and obstructing law enforcement.

On Sunday, Carter was released on a $4,610 bond, but his girlfriend remained in jail.

Prior to all this happening, Aaron Carter already canceled his weekend gigs. He was supposed to perform in Kansas City, Missouri, on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. However, he bailed on both shows due to “transportation issues.”

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Umm, sure. Alright, maybe we’re being too skeptical. Carter very well could have actually had transportation issues and then decided to out and drink once he knew he wouldn’t make his gig. What’s the most surprising in all of this is that he still has gigs to go to.

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On Twitter, the former Backstreet Boy little brother has been defending his actions. Judging by his account, it looks like Parker is out of the slammer as well.

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