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Aaron Carter is BACK with a New EP – That’s Not About Shaq

He’s grown from singing about beating Shaq in a basketball game to rocking a neck tattoo. Yes, Aaron Carter has made his return.

Like every child star or musician trying to work their way into adulthood, Aaron Carter is working on shattering his teenybopper image. He’d never admit that, though. Instead, he’s insisting his new EP LØVË is not a comeback piece. Instead, he’s calling the first music he’s made in 12 years a “labor of love.”

Aaron Carter BandRumors.com

‘LOVE’ is a labor of love.

Sure, his old music was a teenage disaster zone. But it was popular, so why did it take him so long to make a comeback?

“I guess what took so long was that I was busy learning, figuring out what kind of music I wanted to make,” he said in an interview. “And, you know, really seeing what I identified with.”

Now 29 years old, tastes definitely change over those tumultuous 20-something years. His fans have grown, too. People who loved him when they were teens are now also in their 20s.

Aaron Carter BandRumors.com

Aaron Carter’s not the boy who beat Shaq anymore.

“It’s hard to tell what they’re accustomed to,” Aaron Carter said. “Back in the day, if you were listening to my music when I was younger, that’s one thing. Essentially, I’m coming back out as a new artist.”

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