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AC/DC’s Brian Johnson Losing Hearing, Booted from Band

Brian Johnson, AC/DC‘s frontman since 1980, has been kicked out of the famous rock band due to hearing loss. He originally joined the band in 1980 after the death of singer Bon Scott, who was found lifeless after a night of heavy drinking.

Brian Johnson 1982

Brian Johnson performing with AC/DC in 1982, just two years after joining the band.

The rock group called off the remaining 10 shows of their current US tour after Johnson’s doctor warned him that he would go deaf if he continued to perform. Johnson feels the cancellations may have less to do with his health than getting him replaced.

Jim Breuer, comedian and close friend of Johnson, stated that Johnson is “really depressed. But he wasn’t upset about his health. He was upset in that he kind of feels he got kicked to the curb.”

Brian Johnson ACDC

‘Back in Black’: Brian Johnson sported an all-black outfit in a recent AC/DC show.

Breuer further added that the rest of the band, including founding member Angus Young, didn’t even bother to try to reach a solution with Johnson. As soon as they found out about Johnson’s medical appointment, they cancelled the rest of the tour.

Immediately following the cancellation, Johnson’s tour luggage was dumped off at the doorstep of his home. The singer believes the quick turnover is a sign that the rest of the band may already have a replacement selected.

This is not the first member of AC/DC to get axed from the band due to old age. Angus’ brother, Malcolm Young, was forced into retirement in 2014 due to dementia. Malcolm was 63 years old at the time.

No replacement has been announced yet, and AC/DC has some big shoes to fill. Johnson is the vocalist responsible for the hit album Back in Black, which has sold over 50 million copies worldwide. This makes it the second highest selling album ever, following behind Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

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