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Amber Heard Says She & Elon Musk ‘Remain Close’ after Breakup

The love-fest is over. Actress Amber Heard and SpaceX founder Elon Musk are officially broken up. They weren’t as beloved as another celebrity couple who recently split–Chris Pratt and Anna Faris–the news is still calling a stir.

Unfortunately, no one really expected this relationship to last very long. They first got together after Amber Heard suffered a messy breakup with Johnny Depp. Many people saw this as a rebound relationship for her to use to make Depp jealous.

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Rebound match?

On the other hand, people made some judgments about Musk’s desire to be with Heard. It seemed like the stereotypical “rich guy” with a “hot girl” relationship.

Now that they’ve separated, Heard posted a tiny bit of her side of the story on Instagram. Essentially, she’s telling people to stay out of it. Even though we’d love to know details, she’s right–she doesn’t owe the public an explanation.

Here’s what she posted:

Read more to get the story on the start of their relationship:

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