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Anticlimactic: Jay Z Changes His Name…to JAY-Z

The artist formerly known as Jay Z is now going to be called JAY-Z. Hear a difference? Neither do we.

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He can’t hear it, either.

For whatever reason, the rapper is changing the way he stylizes his name. But fear not–unlike Prince, who changed his name to an indecipherable symbol for a while, JAY-Z’s moniker is still pronounced exactly the same.

In fact, he’s even had the hyphen before. He was originally known as Jay-Z, but when his album Magna Carta Holy Grail came out in 2013, he ditched the punctuation. Now it seems another new album release is bringing out the desire to change things up.

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The rapper just announced his album 4:44, which will come out exclusively on Tidal on June 30. So what better time to get in the headlines again for changing his name? According to the New York Daily News, his spokesperson didn’t comment on the change, however.

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