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Arcade Fire ‘Reflektor’ Tour Lights Up The Forum In Los Angeles


Photo Credit: LA Times

Grammy award-winning Arcade Fire rocked it at the Forum on August 2, in Inglewood, Los Angeles. Opening with “Reflektor” from their latest album of the same name, they continued through the two-hour show with hits from the past and present, never losing any of the crowd’s wild enthusiasm.

A pleasant surprise was their performance of their newest single, “We Exist,” a song with a strong political message and new groove-meets-disco sound from the group. The song has the all the makings of an LGBT anthem, dealing with the promotion of marriage equality. As Will Butler started singing, a platform in the middle of the arena raised to reveal five cross-dressing men dancing in heels – much to the fans’ delight if their cheering was anything to go by.

Régine Chassagne showed off her incredible vocal talent in an emphasized version of “Haiti” and “It’s Never Over (Oh Orpheus)”, performing the latter also on the middle platform.

Arcade Fire did exactly what it is they do best: they delivered an energetic show with that consistent musical diversity that has made them so popular with their fans. The imagery, too, was something to marvel at: haunting scenes of dead soldiers and unmarked graves, and illusions of looking into Chassagne’s skeleton made this one fantastic show to remember.

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