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Are Drake & Taylor Swift Hooking Up? Instagram Pic Has Everyone Talking

Don’t celebrities realize that everything they post on social media, fans are going to majorly read into? Maybe they do realize it and it really comes down to publicity only. Whatever. Drake posted a photo of himself and Taylor Swift, and whatever his reasoning for posting it, the pic is getting fans in a tizzy.

Taylor Swift has been pretty quiet since her split with Tom Hiddleston, but the songstress doesn’t exactly have a reputation for staying single long. Naturally, any whiff of her hanging out with a gentleman is going to start sparking rumors.

And spark rumors, this photo did. Drake posted a picture on Instagram of himself and Taylor Swift with their backs to the camera, looking like they’re having a conversation.

Is that velvet? ????

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The pic isn’t the only evidence that the two have gotten comfortable. They supposedly also got quite flirty at Drake’s birthday party last month. Supposedly, that’s when the Instagram photo was taken, though Drake only shared it a couple days ago. A little late, dontcha think?

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Drake has also had a recent split.

Plus, Drake is recently single as well. Rihanna, Drake’s dream girl, split up with him just a few weeks ago after a short-lived romance.

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