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Are Taylor Swift & Calvin Harris Over??

There’s a reason Taylor Swift was flying solo to the Met Gala this year, as well as to the numerous afterparties. Swift put on a brave face for all the festivities, but Calvin Harris was noticeably absent.

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Power couple no more. Calvin Harris ditched Taylor Swift.

How do you get over a broken heart (at least temporarily)? Find a new man, of course. The singer was already making moves on other celebrities at the Gala, including The Avengers villain Tom Hiddleston. In an awkward video that caught the two of them dancing together, Swift encourages Hiddleston to bust a move with her.

“I was at a table with Taylor Swift, and The Weeknd was playing, and she said, ‘The thing about these parties is nobody gets up to dance. We’ve got to dance for The Weeknd,'” Hiddleston said. “So we got up and danced.”


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In our opinion, Swift was just trying to cover up her sadness from getting ditched by Harris.

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