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Arrested: Afroman Punches Woman In Face During Biloxi Concert (Graphic Video)

Joseph Edgar Foreman, better known by his stage name Afroman, punched a women in face during a convert in Biloxi, Mississippi on Tuesday. The women had gotten up on stage and was dancing next to Foreman and then, without warning, he turned and delivered a devastating blow to her face.

The “Because I Got High” singer was arrested after the concert and police stopped the show. The brutal assault was caught on tape and has been shared across social media sparking outrage.

The dazed woman, who has not yet been identified, managed to get up and walk off the back of the stage.

Earlier in the year Baltimore Ravens star Ray Rice was suspended from the NFL after a tape of him punching his wife in an elevator was made public.

What made the Foreman incident even more shocking was that it was done on stage in front of the entire audience. This comes as organizations like the NFL and the Grammys have been airing anti-violence campaigns geared toward protecting women.

The Grammy-nominated Foreman, though not a part of a professional organization like the NFL, will likely face charges and BandRumors suspects he will face a likely ban across college campuses and professional venues for his horrific assault.

Foreman was released from custody after paying a $330 bond.

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