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Axl Rose To Front AC/DC For World Tour

Rock band AC/DC rapidly dropped singer Brian Johnson from their ranks after discovering that Johnson risked losing his hearing if he continued to tour.

The rapid turnover prompted some, including Johnson, to speculate that the rest of the band already had a replacement in mind.

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Brian Johnson performed with AC/DC for over 20 years before getting axed.

Now AC/DC has announced on their website that Guns N’ Roses frontman Axl Rose will be joining them on the rest of their “Rock or Bust” world tour.

“We understand, respect and support Brian’s decision to save his hearing,” the statement said.

In reality, the split may not have been that amicable. A friend of Johnson’s revealed that the singer feels like “he got kicked to the curb.” Right after Johnson’s departure, his tour luggage was dumped off unceremoniously at his doorstep.

Johnson had been part of AC/DC since 1980 and is the singer on the hit “Back in Black.”

Rose is also participating in a brief reunion tour for Guns N’ Roses, which features Rose and Slash playing together for the first time in over two decades. The band pulled a surprise performance at the Troubadour in Los Angeles before heading out to headline Coachella.

With the first weekend of Coachella past, reviews for Guns N’ Roses’ performance are pouring in. Unfortunately, most of the reviews are less than stellar. Rose is performing with a broken foot (borrowing Dave Grohl’s “throne” to make at least a mild attempt at looking cool), which caused the energy to be a bit lackluster.

Guns N Roses Coachella AC/DC BandRumors.com

Game of Rock: Axl Rose’s ‘throne’ is inspired by “Game of Thrones.”

The band will have a second chance at impressing Coachella audiences this coming Saturday. Rose will start touring with AC/DC on May 7 in Europe, after which he will continue with the Guns N’ Roses stadium tour.

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