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Azealia Banks Goes Nuclear On Sarah Palin Over Fake Onion Quote

Rapper Azealia Banks has found the perfect formula for getting media attention. Simply say the most outrageous things you can about other public figures, and watch the comments roll in. And, hey, it’s clearly working for her.

Azealia Banks Sarah Palin BandRumors.com

Azealia Banks is clearly not cray-cray at all.

Banks made some rather vulgar comments on Twitter that got Sarah Palin in a tizzy. Over the weekend, Banks tweeted that she wanted the “biggest burliest blackest” men to “run a train on [Palin]. Film it and put it on worldstar.”

The comments came as a response to something Palin “said,” but Banks may want to check her sources before firing off such words on a public platform. What got her so angry with Palin was nothing other than a satirical Onion article.

Azealia Banks Sarah Palin BandRumors.com

Sarah Palin is coming for you, Azealia! Palin plans to sue Azealia Banks for her Twitter comments.

In the phony news source, Palin was quoted as saying “I’m telling you, I’ve been saying it for years, but nobody’s listening – slavery wasn’t forced onto African-Americans, they accepted it willingly.”

This quote was, of course, entirely made up for the purposes of The Onion article. The Onion staffers are probably quite pleased with themselves for sparking such an uproar over a false article.

Palin stated that she planned to sue the rapper for her words, but that only fired Banks up more. Palin also stated she was going to delete all of Banks’ music off her daughter Bristol’s playlists.

“Everyone can tell you’re spreading them cheeks for Mr. Trump Sarah….. you ain’t got to lie,” Banks tweeted.

She went on to say “If Bristol Palin listened to my music she probably wouldn’t have all those cotdamn kids!!!!”

And it didn’t end there. Though Banks has since deleted her tweets, some of them were screengrabbed before she took them down:

Azealia Banks Sarah Palin BandRumors.com


Banks did, in fact, post a (sort of) apology letter. In it, she comes across much more eloquent than she does in her tweets, and even states at the end, “Twitter is not real, neither is your opinion of me!”

Banks is no stranger to feuding, so there’s no telling how long the grudge match will go on. Some ongoing beef between her and Iggy Azalea about Iggy’s lyrics being racist still hasn’t completely died down.

No one can deny that Banks is certainly getting a lot of attention from her outrageous statements. Perhaps that was her plan all along.

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