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Azealia Banks Pressing Charges Against Russell Crowe, Demands Apology for Racial Slurs

It’s really tough to judge who is telling the truth in situations like these, but Azealia Banks is making sure her side of the story about her fight with Russell Crowe is getting out there.

The two reportedly got in a fight at a hotel room in which Russell Crowe was having a party, and according to Azealia Banks, Crowe had her thrown out and used racial slurs against her. The rapper spoke with E! News about the situation.

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Things are getting more and more ugly.

According to Azealia Banks, a drunk woman began threatening her, so Banks told her, “This is not how this is going to go…I said, ‘If I throw something at you and you get hurt, then the party is going to be done. Then we’re all going to look bad and it’s going to be a terrible night.'”

That’s when Russell Crowe stepped in, whispering to her, “Even if you tried, you wouldn’t even get close enough, you n—–.”

That sparked a big turn for the worse, with Azealia Banks getting choked, dragged from the room and spat on. “I felt betrayed. I felt humiliated. I felt low,” she said. “It almost felt like a set-up.”

No one sided with Banks, even rapper RZA, who brought Azealia as his plus one. Now, Azealia Banks is saying she’d just like an apology from Russell Crowe. “I didn’t want to press charges because dealing with the police, dealing with the courts is such an inconvenient thing,” she said. “I don’t want this happening. They say I’m doing this for attention. Who wants this kind of attention?”

Azealia Banks Russell Crowe BandRumors.com

Azealia Banks isn’t going to let injustice stand.

She added that she wanted to make sure her side of the story was told so that other women who felt victimized in this fashion would be encouraged to speak up. “I’m pretty sure this happens to women in Hollywood so often, where you get chastised into a corner. Even his attorney called me and said something like, ‘If you say something about this, then you’ll never work in this town again.’ I’m pressing charges now.”

She went on to say, “He doesn’t get it. He thinks I’m just some little black girl from Harlem that doesn’t have any backing. They think they can just frame me.”

For all her outrageous antics, Azealia Banks has her moments of extreme clarity. Let’s hope whoever is at fault here is the one who winds up with the blame.

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