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Azealia Banks Tries To Get Twitter Account Back With Lame Apology

We get it, Azealia Banks. You want your Twitter account back. Why else would the outspoken rapper finally admit defeat?

Azealia Banks BandRumors.com

Last week, Banks went on a racist tirade against former One Direction star Zayn Malik before getting shut down by 14-year-old Disney actress Skai Jackson.

The result of Banks’ indiscretions was a flat-out ban from Twitter, depriving the rapper of her go-to rage platform. Twitter stated that her actions were against their policy and she was using “abusive tweets and behavior.”

Azealia Banks BandRumors.com

“Give me my Twitter account back!”

Not surprisingly, her apology was less than mediocre, at best. She didn’t mention Malik by name, but did want to clear up her relationship with curry, since she called him a “curry scented b*tch.”

“I feel compelled to clear the air with curry itself because that’s a bridge I don’t want to burn. I still want to be able to enjoy it freely without guilt or judgment,” she wrote.

Her apology did take on a more serious note as well, and we’ve got to give props where props are due. She actually stated, “I want to extend my sincerest apologies to the world.”

Check out her full apology:

Azealia Banks BandRumors.com

Oddly coherent coming from Azealia Banks.

Is the apology enough to undo everything she said? Read more to see her awful tweets:

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