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Get Your Band Played On KROQ’s “Locals Only”

Local/indie bands: Do you want to get on KROQ’s “Locals Only” show”  Then follow these handy-dandy instructions from Kat Corbett’s Twitter page.

We want you to listen each week and vote on your favorite band/song. We’ll then count down the top 5 songs the following Sunday at 9pm.

If you don’t hear your band, we invite you to submit your music via CD. This is about the easiest way for you to get your music in front of record labels. You see, they all receive the playlist on Monday. And, they take notice.

Follow these simple instructions.
•Record your music onto a CD. Not MP3 files, audio files please… Something that can be played on a car stereo.
•Write band and contact info on the disc itself as well as on the packaging.
•Indicate your single favorite song. Mark it on the disc with a Sharpie or Post-it note.
•Send your CD in a case. (not loose in a brown paper bag. Yes, we’ve received these.)
•Include bio. Where are you from? What are you all about? This doesn’t have to be professionally written, just legible.

•Mail to:
KROQ Locals Only
5901 Venice Blvd.
Los Angeles, 90034

Then, listen every Sunday at 9pm then return to KROQ.com to cast your vote.


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