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BangFit ‘Love’ App Measures Calories Burned While Doing ‘Horizontal Mambo’

What do fitness, video games and sex have in common? BangFit, of course!

BangFit BandRumors.com

Sweatbands are optional.

A well known adult site is launching its very first fitness app, which claims to help you get in shape while also improving your “love” game. There’s something for everyone in the app, with settings for both men and women as well as solo player, two player and “damn player!” settings for multiple partners.

In a video describing the app, it’s described as “Wii Fit for sex. Now users can shred in bed and enjoy some stimulating “exercise.”

BangFit BandRumors.com

Birthday suit plus belt is the new sexy.

This is something we never knew we needed until right now.

The app functions by using a code generated by your laptop or tablet to sync with your phone, which then functions as a motion tracker. After strapping your phone onto your body, you can then select how many players will be “competing.” Then, get ready for the fun part!

Read more to see how BangFit tracks your escapade’s “caloric output:”

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