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Ben Affleck Completes Rehab Stint with Jennifer Garner’s Help

Some people overshare on social media without meaning to. Others get really personal on purpose. Who would have thought Ben Affleck would be one of those people?

In a recent Facebook post, Ben Affleck revealed that he had completed a stint in rehab for alcohol abuse. This was a big reveal, and it explains some of the career changes Affleck has had lately. Namely, the fact that he stepped down from directing an upcoming standalone Batman film. Thankfully, he’ll still be donning the cowl and starring in it.

Here’s what he shared on Facebook about the situation:

The Jen he references is, of course, Jennifer Garner. The pair separated in 2015 after ten years of marriage, but never officially divorced. The couple have three children together and continue to live in the same residence.

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