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Beyonce to Get $1M from Coachella – Whether She Performs or Not

With every door that opens…another one shuts? Beyonce just revealed the big news that she’s pregnant with twins. However, the fantastic life event might put the kibosh on her Coachella performance.

Surely, it’s a sacrifice she’s more than happy to make. Especially considering she’s going to get that $1 million whether or not she performs.

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She made an artistic reveal with the big news.

Beyonce was scheduled to headline both weekends of Coachella in April, but the festival organizers had no idea she was pregnant. Judging by her big reveal photos, she looks to be four or five months along already. That means by the time Coachella rolls around, she’ll be at least six months pregnant.

If she chooses not to perform, she could still get her payout through an insurance policy. The policy covers “incapacity,” which includes high-risk pregnancies. Though the superstar would no doubt love to perform, it sounds like it will be a win-win for her, whatever she chooses.

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