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Beyonce’s Secret Snapchat is Driving Fans Insane

We already knew Beyonce could drive the world mad with a single Instagram post. Case in point: her pregnancy reveal is the most-liked pic of all time. Now she’s done it again.

Beyonce shared a cute photo of her with her daughter Blue Ivy on Instagram. In the picture, the two have deer filters over their faces. Here’s the kicker–those filters are only available if you have a Snapchat account.


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Up until now, everybody thought she didn’t use Snapchat. Now that fans think she might actually have an account, they’ve gone berserk. The thought of having more Beyonce pics and videos in the world has driven even the sanest members of the Beyhive crazy.

Fans are commenting on the photo with statements like these:

  • “Queen we want your snap name ????????????????????”
  • “Come on @beyonce, been consuming my day just “google-ing” associated words with you. Please drop your sc!! ????????”

Clearly fans are getting desperate to know the handle of her secret account. Maybe she just has an account for the filters and doesn’t actually send snaps?

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Either way, fans took their excitement to Twitter as well.

Read more to see the funniest reactions:

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