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Billboard Lobbies For Gun Control: Selena Gomez, Thom Yorke & Nearly 200 More Join Petition

Last week, Billboard magazine wrote an open letter to Congress that was featured on the music mag’s cover. The letter, titled “Stop Gun Violence Now,” urges the government to make some changes in light of the recent tragedy in Orlando.

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In addition to the Orlando shooting, Selena Gomez lost her friend Christina Grimmie to a gunshot wound at an autograph signing.

The recent shooting in Florida was an act of violence against the gay and lesbian community. A gunman targeted a gay club, killing 49 people and injuring 53 others. The shooter used an assault rifle for the attack.

Billboard opened their letter by saying, “As leading artists and executives in the music industry, we are adding our voices to the chorus of Americans demanding change. Music always has been celebrated communally, on dancefloors and at concert halls. But this life-affirming ritual, like so many other daily experiences–going to school or church or work–now is threatened, because of gun violence in this country.”

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The Billboard cover featured all the signatures of support.

The letter calls attention to the fact that it is relatively easy to get a hold of guns in the United States. They also recommend that Congress require background checks for gun sales and block suspected terrorists from buying guns.

In addition to Billboard endorsing the letter, many celebrities added their signatures to the petition. Among the signatures can be found artists like Thom Yorke, Trent Reznor, Beck, Katy Perry, Yoko Ono, Stevie Nicks, Diplo, Kesha, Selena Gomez, Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney, Iggy Pop, Britney Spears, Pearl Jam, Talib Kweli and more.

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Lady Gaga has stood up for victims of other crimes as well as the recent incidents.

At the bottom of all the signatures, Billboard simply concluded with the hashtag #DisarmHate.

Check out the full letter here.

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