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Bob Marley Weed To ‘Hit’ The Market in 2015

'Catch A Fire" with Marley Natural

‘Catch A Fire” with Marley Natural

It was Peter Tosh, the one-time band mate of Bob Marley and The Wailers who sang “Legalize It” on his first solo album after leaving Wailers in 1975, but it’s Bob Marley who will have a Cannabis brand to carry his name.

Bob Marley (and Jamaican Rasta’s like Peter Tosh) were longtime advocates of “da herb” so a Marley-branded pot product at least make sense. In other words, there’s a good chance that he would have actually used (or um smoked) his own product.

marley_natural-logo-bandrumorsContrast that with the slew of other celebrity products that have flooded the market in the last decade. Does Britney Spears really use her own branded perfume? Doubtful.

The Marley brand will be dubbed Marley Natural and, according to news sources, will be available for purchase in late 2015. Marley Natural will be a “fine cannabis” and will also include products like creams, lotions and accessories.

One thing at odds with the Bob Marley brand is that it is being funded by a bunch of slick Seattle bankers with executives from Wells Fargo and Silicon Valley Bank. Marley was not a corporate stooge and he may have struggled with the benefits of mainstream legalization versus letting a bunch of bankers use his name to sell pot (and get rich in the process).

Either way, Marley, despite his death in 1982, is still a big business. He is still a top-selling global artist and his estate earns about $20 million a year in royalties from record sales, mostly from Marley’s masterful double live album “Legend.”

“Legalize It” – Peter Tosh


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