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Bobbi Kristina Condition Uncertain As Nick Gordon Takes To Twitter

Whitney Houston & Bobbi Christina Brown

Whitney Houston & Bobbi Christina Brown

The family feud surrounding the tragic circumstances of Bobbi Kristina Brown, the 21-year old only daughter of the late great Whitney Houston, seems to get uglier by the day.

The real life soap opera revolving around Bobbi Christina, who has been in a coma since January 31, changes almost by the minute as family members point fingers and lurid reports of drug use and domestic violence continue to surface.

Whitney Houston tragically died back in February 2012 when she drowned in a bathtub in her suite at the Beverly Hilton. Illicit and prescriptions Drugs were a factor in her untimely passing. Bobbi Christina was found face down in her bathtub almost three years to the day under similar circumstances.

According to US Weekly the back-and-forth between Bobbi Kristina Brown’s father, Bobby Brown, and her longtime boyfriend, Nick Gordon, continues to intensify. On Monday, Feb. 23, Gordon let loose a series of tweets about his issues with the Brown family and his despair over Bobbi Kristina’s current condition.

Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon

Bobbi Kristina and Nick Gordon

The tweets came shortly after Bobby’s lawyer insinuated in a new statement that Gordon is withholding information that may be pertinent to the ongoing investigation into Bobbi Kristina’s hospitalization on Jan. 31.

“Due to Mr. Gordon’s failure to place in tangible form his understanding of the events that led to the hospitalization of Bobbi Kristina, there is no reason for any additional discussion with him,” Christopher Brown of Brown & Rosen LLC told Us Weekly on Sunday, Feb. 22. “It appears that Mr. Gordon did not want his understanding of the facts to be subject to the truthful examination of various experts or Bobby Brown himself.”

Gordon himself also addressed the situation via Twitter, saying that he regrets not finding Bobbi Kristina sooner to perform CPR, and that he wishes he could trade places with her.

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