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Britney Spears Brings A ‘Piece of Me’ to Planet Hollywood Las Vegas

It’s been a couple of month’s since Britney Spears’ ‘Piece of Me’ opened in Los Vegas. Spears had been in talks with several major hotel properties but finally chose Planet Hollywood.

The show has gotten very positive reviews and, despite the fact that she lip synchs (which should come as no great surprise) Spears’ has kept audiences engaged with a high energy stage show and more hits than you can shake a snake at.

The move to Vegas underscored Spears’ decision to jump off “The X Factor” and focus on performing full time.

Spears told People Magazine that she looked forward to being in a “more stable environment.” According to Spears, “When you tour, it’s so hard on the body,” she explains. “I look back and I don’t know how I did it. Being in one place is cool. It’s a more stable environment.”

Spears also released her eighth studio album, “Britney Jean, back in December 2013, and her EDM influenced “Work B*tch” may be a tribute the herself as she joins the ranks of the some of the hardest working entertainers in the business.

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